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Allison May Ward, known also as "Allie" is an artist and calligrapher living in Athens, Georgia. Allison is the mother of 2 grown children, Maggie and Taylor. She is the proud aunt of Joey. 


Encouraged by her mother from a young age, Allison sketches every day and enjoys drawing the interesting places in the college town she calls home. With a large botanical garden nearby she works to document the beautiful gardens one flower at a time.


Allison's studio, "Homeward", was named for her family home in Enterprise, Mississippi. Currently, under renovation, she hopes her studio will be a beautiful place to create, in a city that loves the arts.



International Association of Penman, Engrossers, and Teachers of Handwriting (IAMPETH)

Georgia Art League (GAL)

Atlanta Botanical Gardens-Botanical Illustrations

Oconee Cultural Arts Foundation

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Jack the Art Dog is an integral part of the Homeward Studio staff. Jack's responsibilities include snatching unattended art supplies, bumping Allison when she gets too serious, and letting her know when it's time to play. 

Jack is an accomplished puppy. He has degrees from Pawtropolis Puppy Program and RKK9 Training School

He enjoys helping out around the studio and keeping his sister, Reesie, the cat, in line!

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